The Foundation is a grant-making organization, providing financial resources to the Executive Board, member congregations and the camping ministries of the Great Lakes Conference. Organizations affiliated with the Great Lakes Conference (educational institutions and denominational interests) may request that the Executive Board or a member congregation file an application as an extension of its ministry. In such circumstances a clear connection must be made in the grant application between the eligible member and the affiliated entity.

 Grants are meant to be Kingdom-oriented, i.e., to fund initiatives that advance the Kingdom of God “on earth as it is in heaven.” They are meant to be transformative, i.e., to facilitate godly change in the lives of the people who are effected. They are meant to be intentional and creative, i.e., to provide fresh, innovative ways of communicating the Good News of Jesus. They are meant to be growth-oriented, i.e., to make disciples who make disciples

Guidelines for Grant Seekers

The document Guidelines for Grant Seekers supplies information and details about the purpose and operational policies of The Foundation and the factors that influence the Board’s decisions in awarding grants. Applicants are encouraged to prepare requests with these guidelines in mind in order to present ideas in a clear and compelling way.

 The Board will carefully review and process every Preliminary Grant Request and each Formal Application. Applicants will be notified of the disposition of their request following each Board decision.

Guidelines For Grant Seekers

2020 Preliminary Grant Request Form


Grant recipients are expected to file a report for each six month period that the grant is open. This reporting facilitates accountability between The Foundation and recipient to encourage effective stewardship and fulfill requirements for non-profit foundations established in the State of Ohio.

Reports are expected to be filed with The Foundation office by May 1 and December 1. When the project for which the grant was awarded is completed a final report is filed bringing closure to the grant.

Failure to report within one year of the awarding of a Grant will result in The Foundation Board refusing to give consideration to future Grant Requests.

If the report has been submitted but is deemed inadequate, the Board of Directors will request the specific information needed. Meanwhile, the recipient will be disqualified for the next available distribution until this issue is resolved.

The Board of Directors will gladly consult with the grant recipient to clarify or support preparation of the required report. Contact should be made with the President of The Foundation.

Semi-annual Report Form for Building Projects, Equipment or Other Capital Projects

Semi-annual Report Form for Programs and Ministries

Semi-annual Report Form for Special Charitable Endeavors