Investment Facilitator Program

The Foundation has developed a vehicle to invest long-term financial resources for the Great Lakes Conference and its congregations and affiliated organizations. The Investment Facilitator Agreement provides opportunity for a congregation or affiliate to deposit long-term savings with The Foundation which are then commingled and invested with other Foundation assets. The Foundation serves as custodian of the assets while the affiliate retains sole ownership. Funds are managed according to an agreement signed by representatives of the affiliate and The Foundation.


How Does This Investment Facilitator Program Work? 
The congregation or affiliate reviews the Investment Facilitator Agreement and may converse with a representative of the Foundation. The process formally begins with a decision by the affiliate’s governing board to participate in the program and a copy of the Agreement signed by both The Foundation and the affiliate. Assets are then transferred to The Foundation and managed along with other Foundation assets.

The Foundation will report investment performance quarterly and will make funds available as necessary, subject to reasonable administrative procedures described in the Facilitator Agreement. Should either party choose to terminate the agreement, a thirty (30) day written notice will be provided, after which assets will be transferred back to the affiliate.


Benefits to Your Organization to Participate in the Investment Facilitator Program:
Your church or agency will continue to be the sole owner of your pro-rata share of The Foundations investment portfolio.  As a portion of The Foundations investment portfolio, your assets receive professional investment management.  Future performance is not guaranteed; however the Foundation’s investment managers have historically met or exceeded comparative benchmarks over time.

Each quarter The Foundation will calculate the investment returns and will submit a report to the Affiliate. Distributions will be made upon request or income may continue to be reinvested.

Long-term savings are meant to grow over time. This agreement should be viewed as an investment vehicle and not be used like a checking account. 

The Foundation’s financial activities are professionally audited each year. A copy is available upon request.


Responsibilities of The Foundation with your Investment Portfolio:

·       The Foundation serves as custodian of your assets.

·       The Foundation pools your assets with other Foundation resources for optimal asset management.

·       The Foundation engages professional investment advisor(s) who manages resources prudently.

·       The Foundation maintains individual record keeping provided to the congregation or agency quarterly.

·       The Foundation includes these funds in its annual audit.


If your church or agency has an interest in the Investment Facilitator Agreement, please contact the Foundation office.